“AKDEMİR END.,” which started manufacturing in Kayseri in 1934. ECB. MAK. SINGING. TRADE. LTD. ŞTİ.” We have been successfully serving the Turkish Industry for 86 years. We continue our work in our own place in the Organized Industrial Zone, in an open area of 3500 m² and a closed area of 3000 m². Akdemir Machinery Industry has also specialized in its projects and designs on special machines in the plastic, sofa and home textile industry for the last 30 years. Akdemir Machinery Industry has proven its years of experience by achieving numerous successes with its complete technical equipment, machining machines and existing well-trained staff.

Our Mission

To the industrial sector that is growing day by day; To provide maximum contribution by producing rational, permanent and minimum manpower-based machines.

Our vision

To maximize our growing market share in the globalizing world and to become a leading company in machinery manufacturing.